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Via our specialisms in artificial intelligence applications and integration, whatever your company and its products aim to provide, Fountech can harness the far reaching power of AI to achieve results you never could have imagined. We are particularly keen to work with tech startups, as our AI integration into fresh products can really turbo charge your products so that you can hit the ground running.

Whether it's the hyper-personalisation of an app, the architecture of an algorithm, processing BIG data, or whatever your business needs, we can take you to the next level. Then beyond.



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Fountech can provide a variety of flexible, customisable services. Our experience shows that  one of the three packages outlined here will offer our clients the best solutions, but just about anything’s possible!


Fountech can act as an interim full-time chief technical officer (CTO), perhaps blueprint the AI architecture for a client, or just offer the simple availability of a board-level advisory representative. There’s much more detail available – see the menu at the top of this page.

AI interim CTO service


It’s difficult finding someone with board level experience who has an in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, the revenue models that can be built around it, together with the technical expertise to actually design the software from scratch.


Fountech can solve this problem at a stroke by effectively acting as an interim CTO for your organisation. It’s the most comprehensive service we offer, and involves all of our skillsets, rolled into one solution.

AI architect service


Sometimes, clients have an idea for their existing product or service, which could benefit from the use of Artificial Intelligence, but don’t have the faintest idea how to integrate it, nor the full implications of that process.


Fountech can be involved right from the start, drawing up a plan of what can be achieved for the client, with timescales, costs etc, then actually design and plan the AI from start to finish.

board advisor


For the very earliest stages of a project, especially where initial budgets may be tight, Fountech can also provide a representative, at an agreed day rate, to act as an expert board level advisor; naturally that expert will have requisite board experience.


If necessary, conference calls can be set up between the client’s board, the advisor and appropriate members of the Fountech team. Meetings can be scheduled at weekly, monthly or other agreed intervals, where the advisor can either attend in person or by using Skype.


Fountech works with organisations to integrate AI into existing products, or to create brand new offerings from scratch.

Whether it’s the hyper personalisation of an app, the integration of AI into a complex human resources psychometrics tool, a retail solution, a community website enhancement or whatever, your product’s user experience can improve and evolve to a level that you might have thought impossible.

Take a look in more detail from the drop down ‘Portfolio’ menu above, then contact us to take your organisation’s offerings into the next generation.

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